Resolution Ideas for 2020. 20 Ways to fresh start new year.

Resolution ! Haven’t decided yet ! Let me help you to take the best decision. How could be your new year resolution ! 2020 must the best year you’ve ever lived. 

Well ! We all have been waiting for 2020 since our last new year celebration. We were committed to bring change in our life through resolution but unfortunately, we ended up with nothing in reality.

Reinvent yourself with these 20 great resolution ideas. #Newyear, #2020

Those who failed to keep their promises this year, then grab the opportunities of 2020, New Year because here we’ve some great ideas. Take it for free.

I think a perfect list of your new year’s resolution with these great ideas could be great start.


1.Get in shape

To make this year more significant, it’s important to maintain your figure undoubtedly fit. What I mean is you have to maintain a good healthy lifestyle to stay active always.Not only that,it’s also true that anyone with perfect shape looks more attractive and absolutely confident. Isn’t it true !!

Get in shape in 2020. Must in your new year resolution.
Atleast give a try. Perfect shape perfect year.

But unfortunately,most of the time, people use to give up when they work harder to get them in shape because of muscle pain due to regular exercise. But don’t worry because the good news is here are some amazing tricks and tips to help you out ⇒ Follow these 20 smart fitness tricks for better new year resolution.

2. More active

Become more active to become more effective in 2020.

It takes only 20 – 30 minutes of regular exercise to boost your stamina to produce extreme level of performance. Adequate stamina not only help you to stay more fit but besides it’s also keep you active throughout the day.

What I mean is rather than sitting or sleeping on bed or wasting time doing nothing , I recommend you to put your shoe on and atleast start running. As you will do it daily basis, this little boring thing help you to stay active throughout the day.

The message is ⇒You have great life and don’t die before your death. So, let’s promise to enjoy life more actively this year.

3. Eat healthy

Eat healthy to more wealthy.

Say ‘NO’ to all junks, start to eat strictly healthy food only. You must adopt healthy eating habits. I mean be conscious about your diet. Go vegan or eat plant based food rather than nasty ham burger. In my view fresh juice, salad, grain & cereals, low fat yogurt or extra virgin olive oil must be in your grocery list. I highly recommend you for Mediterranean cuisine to live longer naturally.

4. Stop procrastinating

” Simply when you assume that everything is belonging to tomorrow i.e. you’re procrastinating  “

The reality is you and your tomorrow will not be recognize if you don’t work today for your better tomorrow.

No motivation could make your life fantastic unless you take the ownership of your life. Only relaxing rather than working really hard always bring certain comfort but to enjoy rest of your life, you need to stand on your feet first.

So, do not compromise your success with full-time rest in bed inspite of working really hard. Don’t compromise your valuable time for silly bad habits. Start to work with complete focus for your better future. As a result this 2020 could be the best year of your life.

5. Promise to be more confident 

The best way to check your level of confidence by yourself is to stay out of your comfort zone. For example fear of public speaking.

We often think What people will say? Will it be good or bad? Can I make impact or not?For me these all are useless thoughts which are pulling you back.

What do you say? Are you confident to stay out of your comfort zone?

Punctuality for 2020 new year resolution. Be more punctual.
Be on time shows respect to other’s time.

6. Promise to be more punctual

Being more punctual always lead to successful life. Punctual means be on exact time. Embrace punctuality to make great impact on professional life as well as personal life too. So, it’s necessary to develop punctuality. Then why would you skip it !!

7.Learn new skills 

Learning new skills not only make you extraordinary but also make you confident to fight in bad times . A person with many skills always get more opportunities than others. So, getting a high paid job is more easier for them. If you’re fully determine to make successful career then you must learn one new skill like⇒How to say “No”,

8. Committed to earn some extra money

Worried about unnecessary cost! What if you put little extra effort to keep control on your full-time savings.

Try to convert your leisure time into side income. Do what you love to do in your free time and start earning money. Promise this resolution means earn more money than last year.

9. Learn to let go your past experience, live every present of 2020.

What happened in your past is impossible to change but surely, you could change what’s going to happen. PAST IS PAST. Positive people learn from their past experience in spite of stick to it forever. You must learn how to carry on. So, don’t stick to your past, remember it’ll never come back.

10. Be more social, live together this year.

We love to be in good culture. We love being in social connection. Connect with people around you. Live together. Join NGO like Shuddhi in India.

As example, help poor students to buy their books. Provide food to homeless people. Build a culture of respect everywhere ( Example : respect for women, child and senior citizens).Clean your area with the help of your neighbours. Plant more tree. Organize awareness camps(example : global warming, pollution, child labour ). Inspire others through what you are doing for society.

Vipguider. 2020 new year Resolution on good habits.
It’s important to adopt good habits to live life longer.

11. Adopt good habits, kick out bad ones.

The fastest way to get success you must replace bad habits with good one. For example, stop smoking & replace with homemade fresh juice. Personally I think ⇒habits can make you or break you. In my opinion, you must welcome 2020 with these Good habits for healthy living.

12. Maintain hygiene, healthy 2020

It’s important to practice good hygiene. Why! Because it heels you more than a doctor’s prescribed medicine. It’s your body only to live in, so maintain it with most hygienic way. Keep your house and surroundings more clean. For sure you will be fit mentally and physically too. Know this super easy hygiene tricks from Dettol.

13. Be more creative, sharpen your mind.

Steve Jobs said creativity is connecting things.

Creativity is the identity of yourself. Be more creative in 2020 New Year
Think smartly to be more creative.

What does it mean to be more creative?  In my opinion creativity means create something with deep heart and soul. It could be a fun thing or something made with intelligence, for both cases it requires patience and sharp thinking. Add more creativity to your passion.

15. Learn to stay calm always, don’t loose yourself in 2020.

The best thing you can learn in 2020 is how to stay under control. What I mean to say is if thing come, let it come. If thing goes…let it go. In reality,  life will not stop. Besides, I don’t want you to see disturbed for anything you can’t control. So, This resolution ⇒What I suggest you to Don’t let anything disturb your peace. Stay under control.

16. Learn self-defense to make best resolution ever. 

Fight for the basic human rights. Protect yourself by applying the most effective weapon as soon as possible to the most vulnerable target. Want to live safe with confident?  Then learn self-defence today. It’s necessary for everyone but specially for ladies and children. Stand your ground and fight like Bruce Lee. Defend enemy with these self-defense tools.

17. Give up cigarette and alcohol, replace something healthy this 2020.

You’re super confident if you can stop smoking. It’s disgusting when cigarette control someone. Unfortunately, People can’t control. The best Solution is to give up bad habits like smoking, drinking is to start loving yourself. Find out the best solution here in quitnow!

18. Travel the world because it’s new year 

What could be your next destination in 2020, New year
Life is incomplete without travel more. Spend your holiday in beautiful destination.

Traveling more is one of the best way to come out of your comfort zone. It also helps to develope good mental fitness because of too much laugh, full of curiosity, eager to learn new things everytime. So, this year find out exciting travel spots and fly immediately like me rather than stuck in boring daily life. Promise to travel atleast 50 new places, you haven’t travel before.

19. Maintain good relationship#resolution 

A good relationship requires BALANCE. Two people who equal each other out & are there for each other no matter what. That’s true relation. 

They said ⇒ A good relatioship is with someone who knows all your insecurities and imperfections and still loves you the same. For me being in good relationship means someone accepts your past,supports your present and encourages your future. Are you with someone who makes your bad days better ? If not then find your soulmate in datemyage.

Vipguider. Com New year resolution 2020
There might be next time, but stop waiting for this. Take decision right now to live successfully. Live like there is no tomorrow.

20. Reinvent yourself through this resolution.

What you lost last year, let it go. What you could do is make promise to reinvent yourself in new year. I must tell you, there are nothing called perfect in this world but trying to do things perfect is always end up with best conclusion.

New year resolution at a glance. Celebrate 2020 this way.
Review your resolution.

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After knowing all this, why are you waiting for next year to come? Why don’t you start from today?  As you already wasted your valuable times thinking to do something great but trying nothing. Undoubtedly, you know what’s the conclusion better than anyone. Honesty I don’t want you see end up again like this.

So, read this blog again and apply all of these. Let’s make this resolution remarkable. Happy New Year to all.

Happy New Year. 2020.New year resolution.




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