Try to be assertive. Saying “NO” is not egoistic.

No To Yes To yourself. 

One word “NO” leads us toward devastation or toward renaissance. Yes, this is most powerful or distinct word we afraid to use when we need to use to protect our self-assurance. Most people often respond with “yes” to those unwanted unhealthy conditions even if they don’t want. Well!! Here I will clear the belief you have that saying “No” is pretty egocentric.

Want to know why??

It’s only by saying “No” that you can concentrate other things that are really important.

Steve Jobs

Things help me out to overcome this burden pressure may help you too.

Glimpse of outcomes when you don’t say “NO”.

  • Interpersonal problem : You make people confuse for not knowing what exactly you want or about your wish or your true feelings. You don’t understand yourself better and people around you control you over and over.

Example : Most parents want control their children without knowing their strength and weaknesses.

  • Lonelyness : The worst things happened when you give up on others and as well as on yourself too. You think Entire world does not want to listen your voice.
  • Feeling of anxiety : When you know things is against you wishes become the reason of your anxiety, strees, displeasure and discomfort.

Particularly the consequences of saying how to say “NO” becomes reason of your ultimate irritation, frustration and distaste which you are welcoming at anyone’s convenience at any time everywhere.

Learn the psychological ART of saying “NO“.

A journey of saying “No” sometimes bring great ” Yeses” to our life.

Something like these @@down below.

  • Wow!!! I do appreciate your opinion but it’s impossible for me.
  • Got an another appointment for now.I am extremely sorry dear!!
  • Thank you!!! for being so generous but I don’t think I can make it happen.
  • I wish I can make it in future.
  • This is a really bad timing for me to give you better outcome.
  • Sounds absolutely great but it’s out of my commitment.
  • What if you find someone much better than me.
  • No thanks!! my friend
  • I am committed to other things to do.
  • Please don’t mind because I think this is not perfect for me.
  • You must ask someone with 100% perfection than me.
  • Perhaps for the next time when things will be alright.
  • Unfortunately that’s not something I am totally passionate about.
  • Ohh!! Thank you!!! but please not right now.
  • This sounds so awesome but I am unavailable for this.
  • Woww!! It’s sounds lovely for the other things.
  • Sounds absolutely perfect but I don’t think it’s gonna work for us.

Why you must Say “No” like a Brilliant. Super-smart.

Smart trick to say "No" to say "Yes" To yourlife.
No. Absolutely Not
  • You must clear your perception because behind your every awful “Yes” there is perfect “No”.
  • Turn off “Active online” to stay away from whisperers.
  • Keep it simple because your explanation will make you time loss.
  • Don’t simply distribute your ph. No.
  • Respect otherwise you will damage your dignity.
  • Best way not to reply instantly… Take time, think about it.
  • Remember that you want some privacy for your own purpose.
  • Saying “No” is all about self-realization.
  • Just avoid those annoying people or demanding people.

Well it’s clear that saying “No” is not egocentric. These kind of situations we often face in our life which is absolutely normal. You must need to develop your perceptions about yourself first. These things surely can gift you an another scenario when you apply. It’s much more efficient to be straightforward.Be specific to yourself. 

Remember that saying “No” wouldn’t harm you anything. To live more with freedom, to live with more happiness a “No” is the best way to keep things away from you. So, you are free like bird and live your life with full of “Yes”.

Yes!! yes!! … You can. Say “NO“.

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Thank you!! Have an amazing time!

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