Not paid enough !! Know what are the reasons .

Why am I not paid enough? 

Why are you not get paid enough even after putting all your efforts?  After Hard work you got little income in month end. Then money flows like time. No control in your hand. Become bankrupt.

Why?  Know now⇓ 

Can’t ignore this truth

Graduate and then good service. Exactly,  Back to 80’s getting job was the most fascinating achievement. Family and freinds used to  celebrate their first job together . There were good freinds, freindly colleagues, genuine competitors around. These all was possible because enough salary which was considered to be fantastic. 

In 20th century,  everything remains same but we don’t get enough salary to live life happily. In one hand huge educational fees structure and other hand a job which pay insufficient minimum salary. 

Salary always been there to pay off your high demanding lifestyle, Unnecessary cost to show off luxury or daily regular life for most of us. Today’s so called modern life style can’t be continue without proper income guidelines. 

To live life more happily, you should have great income. To enjoy life like an aristocrat, you must know how to make money more convenient way.You must clarify yourself first & understand the fact behind your less income.

Here are some real facts ⇒why are not paid enough? Why are you still underpaid? 

  • Working for wrong company.
  • They don’t perceive value
  • You don’t need new position
  • Never add value to the company you work with.
  • Never ever create value for yourself
  • You think ⇒Training is not necessary
  • Stop learning new things 
  • Never raise your demand
  • You don’t seek advancement
  • The position does not suit you
  • Not working enough
  • You don’t have high paid skills
  • Change your schedule/workload
  • Not developing your thinking power or creativity
  • Never think about new opportunities
  • You’re not prepared for any challenges.

The best things you can do to to get paid enough e.g.

Money is as necessary as Food, cloth and shelter. Actually, money rank first in this list because without this your life will definitely ridiculous. The best things one can do when life sucks ⇓⇓

  • Make yourself valuable first.This should be first priority. 

Money will come to you when you’re absolutely valuable. Valuable for society, organization or family too. Be like diamond, that precious . Give value to your life. Make yourself the best among others . Stand for your future because this is your responsibility. Educate yourself so much that they can’t ignore you to pay more.

  • Employer demands high paid skills

Revolutionary changes in technical world  for last 15 years gifted us the most convenient lifestyle. Today’s technology driven lifestyle is more efficient, easily accessible. Everyone likes to reach their goal using shortcuts methods. Nowadays winning Competitions and move on for next destination is way better than before. 

Things go complicated when there competition held between all strong competitors. Undoubtedly everyone of them put 100% but the award goes to the most  extraordinary person. The best way to top, you have to be an extraordinary.

So that Money come in your wallet every single  day.
Income. Underpaid. Passive earning.
Shortly mentioned strategy on how to earn money in 2020.
  • Add value to others