Have you ever filmed this shine .

Oneday, I was in my way to school and the bright light made me desperate to find out the reason behind the brightness . YES, The Bright Light. It was looking so stunning like every remarkable day . The shine was everything, was explaining all about it . One question came to my mind about how powerful it could be. That time I was kid.Yes, kid only. I was puzzled after thinking that what’s make something become so mind blowing,so gorgeous . Some of the incredible thoughts used to came to my mind. I mean puzzled thoughts. Like, oneday I will have this power, I will be one who can deserve this. You know, it was a fact, most of my portray never fulfilled except putting this figure. I tried to color just the way it was look like. But unfortunately for that time…. Being kid, all my unknown thoughts always remained unexplained.But this light inspired me to think about my life.

It’s been a long time, I grown up now. suddenly A sunshine afternoon make me remind those days behind.My thoughts are not unexplained today. I GROWN UP NOW.

This bright light, makes you think about lot of things if you can stared at this. But the true dilemma is you can’t. No matter, how much stronger you now. You can’t stared, you will be distracted to determine. You give up & At last, You salute the shine.The brightest shine in the eclipse. The shine wasn’t the only reason for you to give up.Your thoughts also the reason behind this.The entire things is all about the power of sunshine.

As we know, it’s impossible, you can continue stared at The Sun.

There is solutions for every problem.

Yes, this is all about The Sun. Everybody respect the sun because of it’s unique shine. Every time you look at, you can feel the power of it’s brightest shine in your eyes. Ultimately, we can’t absorb all of this. I tried every time , failed same like you.

The reason behind sharing this, I feel there is a great message in this narrative. There is nothing impossible when most importantly your character, your every opinion, your lifestyle and off course your madness to your passion should be so bright that people will follow you. You don’t need to be the sun but you should not forget to shine bright. The personality of yours should be so much reflective, people will be shining by you. You lighten up others. Yes, you lighten up others.

I just want to give a message

Every kind light has it’s own unique shining quality.But kind of light is either making someone, something shiny or showing a right path to the tired pedestrian in the dark cold night.

Everything has it’s bottom line…. But thought doesn’t has bottom line. Who stop you to think positive and share your valuable thoughts.

Lighten up your thoughts.

Share with someone you love and do care.

Huge love and respect for all the followers and readers of

We appreciate your valuable time and your concentration. Please do support so much, we can change the world together.


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