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FYI.Wasting time can make you more high-yielding.

3 mins. Read only.


HOW NOT TO BE LAZY….. Just Read it now.

Can you imagine , wow… you are going to be the one hundred percent “Person of Action” in just 2 minutes if you read this. It’s Guaranteed,you can change your life. You will never...


15 reasons, you aren’t paid enough.

I went from being an underpaid ad-man to quite a successful photographer in very short time. Success breeds confidence & as soon as I got properly confident, I developed my own style. After that...


Forgive those who insult you for being yourself.

Your words matter a lot but the right words matter most of all. As Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam said, People judge your face, not your greatness inside you. This is soo true...

Bed, flower and the fire.. Which one choose.

Bed, flower and the fire.. Which one choose. Yes, the options here sound like romantic. But in my point, these are the qualities make you determine who you are. If you are struggling for...


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