Resolution Ideas for 2020. 20 Ways to fresh start new year.

Resolution ! Haven’t decided yet ! Let me help you to take the best decision. How could be your new year resolution ! 2020 must the best year you’ve ever lived. 

Well ! We all have been waiting for 2020 since our last new year celebration. We were committed to bring change in our life through resolution but unfortunately, we ended up with nothing in reality.

Reinvent yourself with these 20 great resolution ideas. #Newyear, #2020

Those who failed to keep their promises this year, then grab the opportunities of 2020, New Year because here we’ve some great ideas. Take it for free.

I think a perfect list of your new year’s resolution with these great ideas could be great start.


1.Get in shape

To make this year more significant, it’s important to maintain your figure undoubtedly fit. What I mean is you have to maintain a good healthy lifestyle to stay active always.Not only that,it’s also true that anyone with perfect shape looks more attractive and absolutely confident. Isn’t it true !!

Get in shape in 2020. Must in your new year resolution.
Atleast give a try. Perfect shape perfect year.

But unfortunately,most of the time, people use to give up when they work harder to get them in shape because of muscle pain due to regular exercise. But don’t worry because the good news is here are some amazing tricks and tips to help you out ⇒ Follow these 20 smart fitness tricks for better new year resolution.

2. More active

Become more active to become more effective in 2020.

It takes only 20 – 30 minutes of regular exercise to boost your stamina to produce extreme level of performance. Adequate stamina not only help you to stay more fit but besides it’s also keep you active throughout the day.

What I mean is rather than sitting or sleeping on bed or wasting time doing nothing , I recommend you to put your shoe on and atleast start running. As you will do it daily basis, this little boring thing help you to stay active throughout the day.

The message is ⇒You have great life and don’t die before your death. So, let’s promise to enjoy life more actively this year.

3. Eat healthy

Eat healthy to more wealthy.

Say ‘NO’ to all junks, start to eat strictly healthy food only. You must adopt healthy eating habits. I mean be conscious about your diet. Go vegan or eat plant based food rather than nasty ham burger. In my view fresh juice, salad, grain & cereals, low fat yogurt or extra virgin olive oil must be in your grocery list. I highly recommend you for Mediterranean cuisine to live longer naturally.

4. Stop procrastinating

” Simply when you assume that everything is belonging to tomorrow i.e. you’re procrastinating  “

The reality is you and your tomorrow will not be recognize if you don’t work today for your better tomorrow.

No motivation could make your life fantastic unless you take the ownership of your life. Only relaxing rather than working really hard always bring certain comfort but to enjoy rest of your life, you need to stand on your feet first.

So, do not compromise your success with full-time rest in bed inspite of working really hard. Don’t compromise your valuable time for silly bad habits. Start to work with complete focus for your better future. As a result this 2020 could be the best year of your life.

5. Promise to be more confident 

The best way to check your level of confidence by yourself is to stay out of your comfort zone. For example fear of public speaking.

We often think What people will say? Will it be good or bad? Can I make impact or not?For me these all are useless thoughts which are pulling you back.

What do you say? Are you confident to stay out of your comfort zone?

Punctuality for 2020 new year resolution. Be more punctual.
Be on time shows respect to other’s time.

6. Promise to be more punctual

Being more punctual always lead to successful life. Punctual means be on exact time. Embrace punctuality to make great impact on professional life as well as personal life too. So, it’s necessary to develop punctuality. Then why would you skip it !!

7.Learn new skills 

Learning new skills not only make you extraordinary but also make you confident to fight in bad times . A person with many skills always get more opportunities than others. So, getting a high paid job is more easier for them. If you’re fully determine to make successful career then you must learn one new skill like⇒How to say “No”,

8. Committed to earn some extra money

Worried about unnecessary cost! What if you put little extra effort to keep control on your full-time savings.

Try to convert your leisure time into side income. Do what you love to do in your free time and start earning money. Promise this resolution means earn more money than last year.

9. Learn to let go your past experience, live every present of 2020.

What happened in your past is impossible to change but surely, you could change what’s going to happen. PAST IS PAST. Positive people learn from their past experience in spite of stick to it forever. You must learn how to carry on. So, don’t stick to your past, remember it’ll never come back.

10. Be more social, live together this year.

We love to be in good culture. We love being in social connection. Connect with people around you. Live together. Join NGO like Shuddhi in India.

As example, help poor students to buy their books. Provide food to homeless people. Build a culture of respect everywhere ( Example : respect for women, child and senior citizens).Clean your area with the help of your neighbours. Plant more tree. Organize awareness camps(example : global warming, pollution, child labour ). Inspire others through what you are doing for society.

Vipguider. 2020 new year Resolution on good habits.
It’s important to adopt good habits to live life longer.

11. Adopt good habits, kick out bad ones.

The fastest way to get success you must replace bad habits with good one. For example, stop smoking & replace with homemade fresh juice. Personally I think ⇒habits can make you or break you. In my opinion, you must welcome 2020 with these Good habits for healthy living.

12. Maintain hygiene, healthy 2020

It’s important to practice good hygiene. Why! Because it heels you more than a doctor’s prescribed medicine. It’s your body only to live in, so maintain it with most hygienic way. Keep your house and surroundings more clean. For sure you will be fit mentally and physically too. Know this super easy hygiene tricks from Dettol.

13. Be more creative, sharpen your mind.

Steve Jobs said creativity is connecting things.

Creativity is the identity of yourself. Be more creative in 2020 New Year
Think smartly to be more creative.

What does it mean to be more creative?  In my opinion creativity means create something with deep heart and soul. It could be a fun thing or something made with intelligence, for both cases it requires patience and sharp thinking. Add more creativity to your passion.

15. Learn to stay calm always, don’t loose yourself in 2020.

The best thing you can learn in 2020 is how to stay under control. What I mean to say is if thing come, let it come. If thing goes…let it go. In reality,  life will not stop. Besides, I don’t want you to see disturbed for anything you can’t control. So, This resolution ⇒What I suggest you to Don’t let anything disturb your peace. Stay under control.

16. Learn self-defense to make best resolution ever. 

Fight for the basic human rights. Protect yourself by applying the most effective weapon as soon as possible to the most vulnerable target. Want to live safe with confident?  Then learn self-defence today. It’s necessary for everyone but specially for ladies and children. Stand your ground and fight like Bruce Lee. Defend enemy with these self-defense tools.

17. Give up cigarette and alcohol, replace something healthy this 2020.

You’re super confident if you can stop smoking. It’s disgusting when cigarette control someone. Unfortunately, People can’t control. The best Solution is to give up bad habits like smoking, drinking is to start loving yourself. Find out the best solution here in quitnow!

18. Travel the world because it’s new year 

What could be your next destination in 2020, New year
Life is incomplete without travel more. Spend your holiday in beautiful destination.

Traveling more is one of the best way to come out of your comfort zone. It also helps to develope good mental fitness because of too much laugh, full of curiosity, eager to learn new things everytime. So, this year find out exciting travel spots and fly immediately like me rather than stuck in boring daily life. Promise to travel atleast 50 new places, you haven’t travel before.

19. Maintain good relationship#resolution 

A good relationship requires BALANCE. Two people who equal each other out & are there for each other no matter what. That’s true relation. 

They said ⇒ A good relatioship is with someone who knows all your insecurities and imperfections and still loves you the same. For me being in good relationship means someone accepts your past,supports your present and encourages your future. Are you with someone who makes your bad days better ? If not then find your soulmate in datemyage.

Vipguider. Com New year resolution 2020
There might be next time, but stop waiting for this. Take decision right now to live successfully. Live like there is no tomorrow.

20. Reinvent yourself through this resolution.

What you lost last year, let it go. What you could do is make promise to reinvent yourself in new year. I must tell you, there are nothing called perfect in this world but trying to do things perfect is always end up with best conclusion.

New year resolution at a glance. Celebrate 2020 this way.
Review your resolution.

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After knowing all this, why are you waiting for next year to come? Why don’t you start from today?  As you already wasted your valuable times thinking to do something great but trying nothing. Undoubtedly, you know what’s the conclusion better than anyone. Honesty I don’t want you see end up again like this.

So, read this blog again and apply all of these. Let’s make this resolution remarkable. Happy New Year to all.

Happy New Year. 2020.New year resolution.




Try to be assertive. Saying “NO” is not egoistic.

No To Yes To yourself. 

One word “NO” leads us toward devastation or toward renaissance. Yes, this is most powerful or distinct word we afraid to use when we need to use to protect our self-assurance. Most people often respond with “yes” to those unwanted unhealthy conditions even if they don’t want. Well!! Here I will clear the belief you have that saying “No” is pretty egocentric.

Want to know why??

It’s only by saying “No” that you can concentrate other things that are really important.

Steve Jobs

Things help me out to overcome this burden pressure may help you too.

Glimpse of outcomes when you don’t say “NO”.

  • Interpersonal problem : You make people confuse for not knowing what exactly you want or about your wish or your true feelings. You don’t understand yourself better and people around you control you over and over.

Example : Most parents want control their children without knowing their strength and weaknesses.

  • Lonelyness : The worst things happened when you give up on others and as well as on yourself too. You think Entire world does not want to listen your voice.
  • Feeling of anxiety : When you know things is against you wishes become the reason of your anxiety, strees, displeasure and discomfort.

Particularly the consequences of saying how to say “NO” becomes reason of your ultimate irritation, frustration and distaste which you are welcoming at anyone’s convenience at any time everywhere.

Learn the psychological ART of saying “NO“.

A journey of saying “No” sometimes bring great ” Yeses” to our life.

Something like these @@down below.

  • Wow!!! I do appreciate your opinion but it’s impossible for me.
  • Got an another appointment for now.I am extremely sorry dear!!
  • Thank you!!! for being so generous but I don’t think I can make it happen.
  • I wish I can make it in future.
  • This is a really bad timing for me to give you better outcome.
  • Sounds absolutely great but it’s out of my commitment.
  • What if you find someone much better than me.
  • No thanks!! my friend
  • I am committed to other things to do.
  • Please don’t mind because I think this is not perfect for me.
  • You must ask someone with 100% perfection than me.
  • Perhaps for the next time when things will be alright.
  • Unfortunately that’s not something I am totally passionate about.
  • Ohh!! Thank you!!! but please not right now.
  • This sounds so awesome but I am unavailable for this.
  • Woww!! It’s sounds lovely for the other things.
  • Sounds absolutely perfect but I don’t think it’s gonna work for us.

Why you must Say “No” like a Brilliant. Super-smart.

Smart trick to say "No" to say "Yes" To yourlife.
No. Absolutely Not
  • You must clear your perception because behind your every awful “Yes” there is perfect “No”.
  • Turn off “Active online” to stay away from whisperers.
  • Keep it simple because your explanation will make you time loss.
  • Don’t simply distribute your ph. No.
  • Respect otherwise you will damage your dignity.
  • Best way not to reply instantly… Take time, think about it.
  • Remember that you want some privacy for your own purpose.
  • Saying “No” is all about self-realization.
  • Just avoid those annoying people or demanding people.

Well it’s clear that saying “No” is not egocentric. These kind of situations we often face in our life which is absolutely normal. You must need to develop your perceptions about yourself first. These things surely can gift you an another scenario when you apply. It’s much more efficient to be straightforward.Be specific to yourself. 

Remember that saying “No” wouldn’t harm you anything. To live more with freedom, to live with more happiness a “No” is the best way to keep things away from you. So, you are free like bird and live your life with full of “Yes”.

Yes!! yes!! … You can. Say “NO“.

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Thank you!! Have an amazing time!

FYI.Wasting time can make you more high-yielding.

I know there are questions in your mind …HOW???????? You would’s never possible.Now ,let me ask you something,”Is it really making you more productive being obsessed with work ?????”.I don’t think so.Have you ever realized,you are running like work-horse.We are so obsessed that we actually forget to bring creativeness in our performance.We somehow forget all our belongings.We become less productive instead high-yielding. Somehow I believe you agree with me. If you have the same problem,then here I discussed some few resons why we should waste time to become more productive.

Always deliver more than expected“,said by Lary Page.In my opinion to do so you don’t have to grind yourself like workaholic.I know you are completely addicted to work.That’s okay.I know you are a compulsive worker. You are determined to get success in your life.That’s absolutely acceptable. Because we all know there is very limited time .

1.Let your brain breathe

Basically,the human brain just was not built for extended focus we ask of it these days every where.Our brain is the most cautious organ all the time because there are end numbers of thoughts changing simultaneously to ensure our every activities.So focusing hard on one thing does not make any sense to bring huge success. So,you should prioritize breaks at work through wasting your time which is not wasted actually.You know ,you are thinking too much.You are fastened with your limited thinking power where you are limitless.Don’t forget…it’s your brain.Let it breathe. Just come out for a while from that cubicles and have some alone time,or spend time with your loved one.Talk to the people around you, or do what make you feel relax.Feeling relax is more important.As,Bertrand Russell says,”The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” Trust me,if you do so…you will surely gain your perfomance level to the top,you will start thinking in more productive way.You will be creative because you have chraged your true potential.

2.Boost your mood.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

It’s funny how 1 text, 1 song, 1 mistake, 1 lie, 1 truth and 1 person could change your mood in 1 second.

You know every time you feel tired because you are out of your mood. You need to relax. It’s completely exhausted. In this time, we often take wrong decisions. So, why don’t you leave everything for a moment and try something which can bring you that energy or simply which can boost your mood. Then, you can work smartly and professionally. The end result will be fantastic. I suggest.. Talk to your colleagues, have Tea / Coffee, or see funny vedio in Youtube & laugh , sing or dance with music as the way you like.If these are not working then I believe at least 1 case of Red Bull can help you out, my friend. Don’t drink immediately, please. Alternatively you can try Healthy snacks like Full of Proteins, Superfood,Classic Energy Bites, Energy anytime with Snickers, Toblerone ,Lindt Excellence to enhance your mood.

You know, there is Gluten free also.Remember, Your mood should not change your work ethics, your manners and most importantly Everything depends on your Practice. So, always be in better mood.

3. First priority should your Family. Do you Need balance. ?

Family is the one constant element in our life.So,first priority should be our family.

I figure this is my time-to relax, be with my family and have a normal life.

Candace Cameron
Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Lets say,you are busy in high schedule work or you are far away from your family on your company work porpuse..may be you think too much about them…So,a phone call is more than enough to let them know that how much you miss them. When your mom reminding you to take care of yourself,when your cousins make fun of you,when your wife is waiting for you to came home,when your kids are waiting for you at the door……It is very difficult to leave these and keep concentrate on your work. So,just give a phone call, send message to those who you care most. When you are out of your work schedule…the best idea is tour plan for somewhere amazing place like Maldives,Mauritious,Greece,Italy,Spain,France or definitely as your preference .Book ticket and ready steady go when your got a perfect Backpack or bag with all your travel accesories.Wish you a happy journey, Enjoy your destination. Share your best travel experience with us.

You will definitely forget all your frustration and when you come back ,you will be more energetic. Everything will go perfect.

Let’s come to the conclusion that you have to take every single second seriously,no matter you work or you spend time somewhere…make sure it’s make you happy.Utilize time,make every second precious..don’t try to be upset..try to find out what are the things can bring you more energy,more spirit.

Now is the time to start living the life,you always imagined.

HOW NOT TO BE LAZY….. Just Read it now.

Can you imagine , wow… you are going to be the one hundred percent “Person of Action” in just 2 minutes if you read this. It’s Guaranteed,you can change your life. You will never be lazy ever again,instructions from VIPGUIDER.

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

Simply, when you unwilling to work or use energy, that is Laziness. I was kind of lazy too in my school days but Now, I have developed my my mind as I Realize Laziness produce bad luck and failure. Lazy people are always the losers in life. That’s so true. So, don’t just skip this content. It’s guaranteed, these are the simplest way to prevent yourself from Laziness.

1. Stop Thinking, you are lazy.

Change your thinking, change your life.

Feather Stone

Everything starts from your thinking. If you think, you want to be happy then you will do those things what makes you happy. So, stop saying that you are lazy to become become the laziest person ever again.

2.Win the morning.

Every morning you have two choices, you can continue to sleep with your dreams or you wake up and chase them. Leave the bed, must thank the God and have a cup of coffee, if you can make coffee and have it.. Then it means you aren’t lazy. Determine to try something which brings you growth. Remain same does not bring you change.

3. You must Warm up

This not necessary for morning only, but also recommended whenever you feel sluggish . Just practice not to feel languorous. Stand up and atleast start walking.Make target to be the best version of ofyourself. Try to attractive always.

Photo by Philip Ackermann from Pexels

4. Schedule your daily activities.

Many of us don’t maintain this as we given up so many times. But trust me… adding a little discipline in your lifestyle will bring more success. Time management is crucial here. Everything will be sort out with practiced Time Management.

5.Stay motivated.

If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.

Ronnie Lott

To overcome from the depth of hell, the one thing can push you out and push forward, give you relentless energy is called motivation. You can only control yourself of you can train your mind witb positive motivation. Self energy. Positive thoughts.

Photo by Juhasz Imre from Pexels

After all this, remember the most important thing that you aren’t seek to Laziness, you’re mad on to bring positive change in your life. So, just forget about Laziness, start to think what are those incredible things can make you busy always . There are massive change going to happen right here.

Alright, readers I hope you have definitely got to understand what are the efforts you do have to challenge . So, please do that. I am sure, You will no longer be a lazy person. Say yourself always that you are much stronger than your mind. You will be busy always. Set a better mindset and do what you passionate about. Wish you better life and progress from Hirak.

I am requesting you, please do mention in comments section If There Is Anything Else I Can Help You Out Through My Blog . Also, mention What are the things I can develop. Your kind opinions would be highly accepted and appreciated.

Top 10 Superlative Latest ways to Impress anyone.

Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.

Dalai Lama

How to impress anyone? 

You demand more attention from the people around you. Well, genuinely it’s not happen overnight. The ways to get more attention or to impress anyone you do need practice.

So, check out these personal experiments. You will definitely find out your solution.

Notice: Please read every specific points by heart. For your info these post contains affiliate link. For more here

1.Be the no.1 Listener.

Everybody talks, nobody listens. Good listener are as rare as white crows.

Helen Keller

Don’t just start because you think you know everything.If you don’t listen first ,it means you don’t have patience. Otherwise don’t know how to respect. 

To create a good impression I recommend you to listen first before you speak anything. Show respect to other’s opinion.

2.Learn not to insult.

You don’t have to disrespect and insult others simply to hold your own ground. If you do, that shows how shaky your own position is.

Red Haircrow

To impress anyone, I will definitely say you ⇒ Not to insult anyone. Insults are those matchsticks which can burn out your total impression. You may trying to prove that how daring you are  but people around you will judge you how dominate you are.

So, it’s better to impress through respect.

3.Make others comfortable.

It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict. God’s job to judge & my job to love.

Billy Graham

Make others comfortable means that simply let’s other’s to approach you without any hesitation. Similarly, you can approach them too.


4. Appreciate everyone 

Don’t forget a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appropriated.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The people who lighten up your life, checking up on you, taken care of you, always ready  there for you ⇒they deserve to be appreciated. Genuinely when you appreciate them, you impress them all that times. 

5. Don’t talk behind

The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them.

Will Rogers

You talk behind the people.. People will talk behind you.Life is a circle. What goes around, come around. This is karma.

Personally, I hate those people who talks bad about someone to me because who knows in my absence they talk behind me too. Simply, I don’t appreciate it.

So, don’t even try to impress anyone using this method because there are always be a next time.

6.Speak meaningful things.

Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.

William Butler Yeats

As because you are talking too much, it doesn’t mean that you’re meaningful. Mostly, it could be nonsense or unrelated ⇒I mean meaningless. None will impressed by nonsense. 

That’s why I always recommend that try to speak specifically and more related things. Talk less, but it should be meaningful. Impression will be created automatically. 

7. Attractive Smile is the impress key

The greatest self is a peaceful smile, that always sees the world smiling back.

Bryant H. McGill

A great genuine smile is the hidden key to open the box of attraction. Once you smile, you make others smile too. You impress then immediately. So keep on smiling. 


8. Obviously Well-groomed

Good grooming is integral and impeccable style is a must. If you don’t look the part, no one will want to give you time or money.

Daymond John

It’s important to be clean and fresh. It’s not necessary to mention, Well-groomed person always make first impressions.Nothing will stop others to like you when you dressed well. It boosts our confident level and we always impressed by one who is totally confident. 

Recommend: Best authentic Grooming products For Men and women to impress anyone you like.

Vipguider recommended sale
Impress automatically everyone the moment you enter.

Buy your favorite fashion brand here.♥

9. Be the Genuine friend.

Friendship is genuine when two friends can enjoy each other’s company without speaking a word to one another.

George Ebers

You should be that kind of person who genuinely make others feel safer. Even if they are far away from you, their existence will remain beautiful. It’s more important to make genuine connections with others. You will always be there available for them and that’s what will make you most impressive.

10. Run extra miles . Impress mantra

Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.

Gerard Way

If happiness pursues you, it means you are extraordinary. Be the kind of person who like to take responsibility, do initiative, help others. Sometimes  you can impress anyone⇒ simply being with him/her.

Which one do you think is the best to impress anyone?  Please let us know. 

At a glance. How to impress anyone. #Vipguider

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Forgive those who insult you for being yourself.

Your words matter a lot but the right words matter most of all.

As Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam said,

People judge your face, not your greatness inside you.

This is soo true

Judgement is very necessary for our life but someone wrong judgement can bring great achievement. Yes, This is not rare for someone who succeed after lot of rejections.

No matter,how much orginal you are… But the matter is today’s world like you to show up as they like you to see.

A simple story I want to share….

This is a story of girl who never want her to give up easily. She never thought this will happen to her life. The girl was belong to middle class family, struggling hard for her family and her future. Fortunately, her relatives are all self made. They were very much established in their own life. Oneday this girl’s family got invitations from a rich family to attend a family ceremon of anniversary . So, the girl’s family reached there. Everyone was very excited, happy. Suddenly, a gentleman unexpectedly ordered the girl to stay away from photography spot because the camera men was making vedio of entire ceremony. The girl was not dressed up in highly fashionable clothes.

Obviously, the girl was completely disappointed to understand the scenario.
She did that time as she had been ordered to stay back. She promised herself that she would never be there unless she self-made,unless she become someone who can effort high demand lifestyle.

After 10 years, the girl got appointed in a merchant company where she became the General Manager after 5 years of relentless hard work.

Oneday she got an invitation. The ceremony of anniversary, this time was quite different.
The girl again dressed up very simple way as she like always. She looked pretty beautiful.
This time, the gentleman called her to  join with them in the time of photo session. But she refused and said, “I am sorry, sir.I am not well dressed like your standard. It can make you feel insulted. Today, I came here to appreciate you for what you did that day. So, Thank you”. Then she smiled and leave the ceremony.
The gentleman realized what he did and looked at her in astonishment.

Don’t judge immediately, share love and give respect. Should not insult anyone who close to you atleast.

Successful people always do forgive those who insult them. They prove through their tremendous success.

The purpose behind two ears and one mouth.

Have you ever realized, why everyone in this world have two ears, one mouth, two eyes.There is a purpose for having two ears and one mouth…. Yes, there is a purpose for making a great communication . There is purpose between every single thing. I would say, off course it’s a biological process of creation with particular purpose.The fact or the purpose is…

We have two ears to listen twice and speak once.

A communication can be result oriented when communicating operators means senders and receivers are exchanging informations in right way.

There are two types of people like few of them start questioning before observing the things and the others never ever questioned about the things. The entire topic about the second category people.In second category, most think they know exactly everything and strictly care about criticism.

Don’t be the introverted person when you see there is a golden purpose.

What you can do….

Being social is the most appropriate way to survive nowadays. Why??

  • Make us to fit anywhere in any conversation . Yes, being introverted person can be quite difficult to make it happen. But once you did it, you can see how beautiful the world is. Once you master in this, no matter how strong personality is standing in front of you, you will approach and say, ” Hello!!! Sir, How are you? ” Just try this.
  • Make friends or join community. I think, this is kind of very easy nowadays because of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or in whatsapp, viber. Just download and start. Try to open up your personality in front of whole world.
  • Now, you are out of your box… You become a social person. You can share your thoughts, experiences or whatever you like to share.
  • Be friendly according to circumstances , you become a good person in someone’s eyes. You aren’t a introverted person now.
  • Learn from anyone about anything Learners never judge the circumstances, learners always prefer to learn from anyone about anything. Don’t be hesitate to ask.
  • Go party or do charity…. Whatever, it’s upto you.. Do something good for you …. But came out from that cubicles. Listen to the people what’s going on there.
  • Give value to other’s feelings. Never ever play with someone feelings. Respect their opinions if it’s valuable, share opinion if it make sense.

Please approach. Greet them. Make conversation, listen them first , respond them. Remember one thing, everyone carrying something good.. Learn what make them good.. .. Make a memorable conversation. Don’t expect too much but don’t forget to keep a link, let people know you exist… Can develop your social image. Greet with the magic words, ” Hi! How are you!! ‘ and don’t forget to smile always.

If You can leave your mark there… you can be the special one.

A genuine smile in your face can make someone smile automatically. It feels great.

I am not against on introverted person but I believe to be more social. Everyday I met someone new or contact someone who I don’t know….. Make me happier because I think being together with others make more stronger.

But in the time of something completely personal to the life, you should do it in the exact personal way. You know, what I mean.

Smile always.. Make a new friend.

Thank you very much for your valuable time and your concentration to

Please share if you like… But most importantly, if you prefer me to write like this… . Please share your experience.

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Thank you.. Have a great time.

Time will talk if you don’t talk with the time.

How you talk with the time, it reflects in your all decisions. Most of the time, Decisions aren’t tough, leading the decisions with great attitude can make you more successful.

Talking with the time, means utilizing the time so perfectly, that time would be your perfect mentor and a challenging core value of entire lifetime.

Just go for it… Keep talking with time

Everything has it’s own time….. It’s true. Don’t be frustrated so much that you forget to understand, how much time you have been wasted since you are frustrated. Normal people never dance when they sleep, it’s possible in dream only. We all know what to do.. Or what make us dream achiever. But what we don’t practice…. It’s talking with the time. It’s Discipline. We are extremely casual…. Don’t aware of this. It’s quite hard to maintain our daily busy schedules nowadays. Everybody busy in their own life…. Don’t have time for family or for self improvement. Don’t have time to say, “Thank you” . We forget to apologize in right moment when it should be. Actually we forget, every second passes means we are going to die. So many things we forget to do until our last breathe.

Dream to success

If we dream to die successfully…. Then we should learn to live successfully.

Live each second

All your problems are not the problems actually , 99% coming from your lack of discipline. Please, don’t just alive………

Determine to live each second with passion. Who knows about tomorrow. Don’t waste any moment ….. Atleast talk with her. Time is the best friend beacuse she is always with you….. She never let you go.

Love her.. Kiss her… Stay in her heart.

Never forget, you are loosing time every day. Discipline your life to see you successful.

If you don’t do it now…. Tomorrow, you will suffering again in boring daily life. Do whatever you can do, how much you can do…. Just go for it……. Lead urself according to time And be a time talker.

Destination far away

Yes, You should a time talker

Thank you very much for your valuable time and your concentration. If you inspired, let’s inspire you beloved one also. Share as much as you can to everyone’s who need it or doesn’t. Spread positive vibe.

Take care everyone.

Remain same … Does not bring growth.

Are you the same person, you were a moment before you see this post. I don’t think so. You are probably the only one who can understand…. What a valuable topic I am going to share with you right now.

Yes, it’s about new learning. A learning towards your destination, success for everytime.

Tell me one thing, do you believe that you are genious… If so, you may also know what’s make you genius. Do you believe that you are happiest person you ever know… .. If no then I have the answer for you. The answer is you are happy just because you have minimum requirements in your life and you fulfilled maximum of these. You are saying that you happy……….. Are you?seriously!!!!!

Minimum requirements

I know you are not happy if so you are not supposed to continue with this topic that how, you will be one of the great person. The problem is we don’t like to learn new things, met new people, try something new because we are happy. But if you deeply think of it, you are going backwards. The process of changing worlds is so fast, today for what you have been known for, tomorrow there will be no value of it. Learn more so that you can survive your existence . I know you are great, but what if, you are calling to be the greatest person. What if, people say you tomorrow….. You have talent to do multiple task. You will feel extremely excited, isn’t it!!!So,be happy what you have but keep learning new so you can manage your own dignity oneday.

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Wake up…… Plan your day. Plan every single minute of your day to achieve a new level. Practice harder to experience more capabilities, practice harder to polish your reality, practice harder for more authority, practice harder to learn and learn and learn..and then you will be always ready for any challenges.

Yes… .. You’re harder than you think

You are not the same person just a minute before, you changed…… You are not the same… Remember, you are in competition with the those great competitors who want you to see fail.. fail… if you are remain the same after win the war it means you are not the right king of your kingdom. Be so strong, others will afraid to think about you. When you will be in the battle of your lifetime achievement, your competitors will do surrender. Yes, you got it. This happen not because you are strong, but because you know multiple skills to deep them down and your winning attitude is outstanding.

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Everything remains the same, unless you try new things , every time you learn new things…. every time you become more genius. This world needs genius people like you .

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Go to the right direction.

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If you think I am not wrong then…..

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Bed, flower and the fire.. Which one choose.

Bed, flower and the fire.. Which one choose. Yes, the options here sound like romantic. But in my point, these are the qualities make you determine who you are. If you are struggling for your own life then imagine situation that you are in jungle. You can’t find out the ways to get the hell out of there. Frustrated to came out this critical situation.

In that moment if somehow you notice three things.. 1.Bed 2.Flower. 3.Fire.which one you prefer to choose to survive. I don’t know what you choose in that moment to survive. For me, I will choose fire, fire is more important because this is not the time to sleep or to celebrate in the middle of the jungle. If you die, no one cares except some birds or hyenas .A simple mistake can vanish your existence. I believe if I have fire with me I can find out the right way, no animal easily approach to me, can find some sources food and fire in jungle is the great source to making others afraid. So if I walk forward instead of sleeping, try simultaneously to reach my destination…… I hope decisions and hard work will bring me success. Now let me tell you why am I telling you all this.There is destination with purpose. Some of us take seriously, some never understand this. I see people are very happy in their boring day-to-day life…. Why boring because there are no dreams, everyone of them have bigger dreams but they like the easiest word “Laziness” to simplify their life. They explain their dreams but never realize the facts of being successful. They dream when they sleep only…. Not in every second. They are not frustrated to get it done. They are nit hungry enough, not even mad. This is the problem….. .. They walk up with sleepy eyes and sleep again, say Good night in the morning. They complain too much. They forgot they are the problems of themselves. That’s why they never success… But this person start up each day like this it can change the life….. Think you are the fire itself. You have the burning desire, burning quality.

Be the fire,not because people respect fire.But because of Nobody dare to play with fire. Why dare?…. The only quality, the attitude to burn everything into ash.

Fire never care about anything

Make yourself a so well trained that any bad situation you face, you have the courage, the faith in yourself. You walk forward,never look back… Reach your final destination then look back how far you travel. This is the right time to celebrate. You are in home now. Celebrate with every beloved ones and don’t forget this until you’re alive.

A single matchstick more than enough to burn everything if it’s get ignite in the right time. Be that matchstick nad burn your competitors with your success.

Respect the fire, sharpen your attitude

Dear, viewers and followers There is no doubt that you want to boost up your thoughts. Live the life exactly the life you have designed in your dream. Dreams are only dreams…… Negetive potentials inspire you to burn in hell. Think you are the source of energy and you don’t need to depend on anyone. Strict your mind and keep walking. Make your dream successful.

Thank you very much, everyone and we do appreciate your time with us, visiting us, sharing our thoughts and most importantly keep believing

You are blessed for being surrounded by Negetive people.

If you think you still a need to grow up and then show the world, how much do you valued for everyone then need to generate your mind with positive attitude.

Talkers are always Negetive. Doers do belief in positive.

Believe to be the best

I see people doing their best but if there is criticism, then they failed. Every time they give up. Not even 5% people have confidence to stand up and say, let’s beat the critics. Saying it very simple but doing it, same like hell. How will you do that. Most people think that critics are bad people like to talk about you, make fun of you, spreading rumors about you. Most of all, here you do mistakes. You listened to them, support them to do that because you care too much about them, about yourself. This is the reason you never fulfilled your expectation. You never judge yourself, you allow them to do that.

They want to kill your passion.

Trust me, there’s criticism, means there is opportunity.

People do involve criticism, because they are the only ones who failed to make the most valuable quality of themselves. They love to talk about you because you are reflection of them who they want to be. Very few of us stay calm and say, “thank you” to their critics. Don’t afraid to move forward with the process of self-determination because of them. Your determination is yours. People talk to deep you down but when you are on the top of the mountain, you will the follower for them. Let them talk so much that you feel like you are the best productive person. You will be popular by them, also have you ever thought that in one way you do not need to do anything for that. If your brain said no to critics, train your heart to accept this. The only reason, criticism is necessary to fly high. Without them you are nothing. Remember when you last achieve something there was critics. Some of them was also fake supporters. You knew them and you make this achievement. How this happened then? Because you know that nobody in this world know about your greatness. Actually, you didn’t care about them in those particular time . But later on you realize that they are beneficial for your victory. So you blessed them. Remember one thing, pray to god not to help you instead you pray to send this critics in your life to make yourself establish.

Criticism is necessary

First of all, This is important …. self established…..self-made.

Criticism is necessary

Knowing you self made will be the most valuable quality of your personality. People talk yesterday, follow you today.

End result is always as sweet as heaven…. But you have to feel those things, need to imagine those precious things. Thanks those people, bless them, love them because now you are successful. Live your life with positive thoughts. That’s the only energy to make you rolemodel.

Thanks to Negetive for being so positive

Stay positive

Sharing thoughts doesn’t cost anything. Change in life is very important. Stay positive as much as you can. There is always a good time a bad time. We need both of them.

We appreciate your tremendous support. Thank you everyone for being with

Why revolution?why in 2019

Revolution is the name of bringing lifetime change within anything

Is it necessary in 2019?

In my point of view, we don’t need to be panic to bring certain change in the name of revolution. For me this is the idea where people make a fake promise of keep remaining all the things same as it is, as it was.I am talking about your life, Your passion,your dreams, your desires, your emotions, your family and your career. Nobody cares about it.

I think we really need Revolution daily, hourly, monthly, yearly… in ourselves. But we don’t take it seriously. If you really want to bring change, no need to focus on revolutionary change rather than change your mind immediately in the moment you are thinking of revolution.

To change your own life, nobody can help you out. It’s only you can do it. You don’t need to make a fake agreement like to change in 2019.Do it right now. Why you will wait till 2019.

I mean right now

This world is full of fake supporters where you impress yourself in wrong ways. You don’t realize what’s happening with you. What’s going on there. Let me tell you, you are going down to the tides of deep sea where you could not swim and stay alive. Your life will finish. Those fakers will celebrate the joy of your absence.

Stop being addicted

Change now… Why are you waiting, what keeps you waiting???

It is possible to bring the change now

You do have purpose in your life and also you know the value of your lifetime . I know,…’s great, it’s worth more than what you are doing now . I know it’s surely possible to make it up the whole thing you have been looking for. You do have complete intention to do it.But you failed. Then why did you wait till Revolution. Why didn’t you walk up before.

Don’t wait till 2019 to bring change of your life. There’s no life changing manufacturer in the world. Changing your life will possible when you change you habit.

Be your own challenger

Making wishes, making promises may not bring you change. Make sure you have the commitment. The commitment that this year, every second of life will be full of enthusiasm to bring greatness. No matter, what happened before past all these years… You will live this year with positive attitude. If you can change your bad habits, oneday people make you rolemodel. You should make a commitment to yourself that rest of your life is starting now,your life starts now. You grown up so much that you can take your own responsibilities. This years should be the replica of your lifetime.

Need to grow up

Revolution can happen when you can make this happen.

Shall we become optimistic

I want to say this is what I follow every day. I say, “Don’t wait for get the things you want, just move your first step, keep trying to get, work for it. ”

Please understand yourself, please understand how good you are. This 2019,will be the life changing year for everyone. If you think, this is important to share, please share.

Thank you so much for your valuable time with

May god bless you.Wish your better life. I hope all your dreams come true.2019,This year would be the best year of your lifetime. Advance, Happy New Year to all.