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15 reasons, you aren’t paid enough.

I went from being an underpaid ad-man to quite a successful photographer in very short time. Success breeds confidence & as soon as I got properly confident, I developed my own style. After that...


Time will talk if you don’t talk with the time.

How you talk with the time, it reflects in your all decisions. Most of the time, Decisions aren’t tough, leading the decisions with great attitude can make you more successful. Talking with the time,...

10 Specific ways of appreciating yourself

Appreciating someone in the right moment which is the most effective ways to give compliments. Truely appreciated A minimum courtesy, we must do when we need to thank someone, say “Thank you….” It’s called...


New Theory of Time Management

Time and tide wait for None. Do you believe this ??? Who doesn’t believe the truth, “Time and tide wait for none” and we have been taught this from our childhood. It’s not only...


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