Here is how healthy eating transform your life.

♥Eat well to live well.

Healthy eating means wellness in your life.

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Healthy eating means eating healthy foods to keep you energize for entire life. When the body gets all of the nutrients from the food then you eat healthy foods and then your life will be full of well-beings. You will get more energy, i. E. more activities and more activities means healthy & wealthy life.

Vipguider suggests  to you to be more conscious about your eating habits.
Your stomach is not dustbin. Eat Nutritious. 

In short.

A diet or eating habits which will help you to maintain and improve your health. In short, perfect and balanced diet full of essential nutrients.

1. Eat in smaller plate.

Here is what Paleoleap recommend to eat healthy way. Actually we forget to eat food logically. This is how healthy people eat… “Eat according to requirements”

My recommendation:

High quality porcelain for everyday use.Don’t worry because it’s Microwave Safe!! Wow!!

Liquid Tight & air tight, 100% borosilicate glass.


2. Fresh foods instead of processed.

Fresh Food keep doctor away.

You must to swap out microwaveable food or the most famous frozen pizza. Bring some leafy vegetables, fruits or whole grain to your kitchen cabinet. Anytime we cook, bake or prepare , we are actually processing food. You must know What is ok and how to deal with processed food.

According to healthline these 50 foods are superhealthy.

Protect you from health hazards and freeing up your space.


3. Eat like a Nutritionist.

Become Nutritionist for good health. Stay informed with your favorite foods that how much calories they are caring caloriefixes by Francesca.

4.Must Include Mediterranean food in diet.

Food from Mediterranean region is way more delightful and nutritional than other region in the world.

Mediterranean diet means simplifying your diet and taking things back to the basics.Mediterranean regions are the home to the sun, sea and delightful dishes. Typical Mediterranean diet must include these key ingredients like olive, fresh vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fruits. Although there are moderate consumption of fish and dairy products in their healthy diet. Why are Mediterranean diets so healthy?

What if entire mediterranean delightful recipe would be cook in your kitchen. Everyday would more healthy and more wealthy.

Tell us what is the best option. Don’t forget to share to whom you care. 

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Absolutely have to do in this Summer. Welcome june july 2019

Hi!!! Welcome June July .You need to get ready for this summer..ohhh!!! You are already ready but there are something which you forget to do. It’s gonna be hotter all the way.So, How do you prefer to welcome this summer. What’s your plans gonna be to make this season outstanding. If you haven’t been decided, don’t worry …. I am here to tell you…. How,where and what to do this summer. Probably after gone through all this, I hope this summer could be little different from your entire summer experience. Don’t miss this if you are an Indian.

” Even on a cloudy day,The Sun is shining anywhere”

The Summer is all about to go outside of the house and to feel the most amazing sunshine .Feel the brightness of the nature,take a look on your calender. Everything starts shining again. As I mentioned, this is true ” Even on a cloudy day,The Sun is shining anywhere” .So,don’t waste your time ,get ready to make this summer one of the best summer for all the time.Below I have shared lot of suggestion for you,you can do this summer to make this one of the memorable summer for all the time.As well as I would proud to share what are the things you should keep in mind to keep maintain your health,wealth and your happiness.

Paragraphs contains affilliate link .Please read the disclosure mentioned in the bottom of this post.

1.Go on a walk.

You have to leave the bed and need to do mind set to shine bright as like as The Sun.If you are lazy person then here is the most amazing part is that you should use the best alarm,I am damn sure nobody prefer this sound that’s why alarm in the summer morning is more than enough to wake you up .Although, this echospot alarm works best for every season. Echospot is the best alarm I have ever seen .. Sooo smart. When you wake up, say hello to new day and smile. Get ready to energies your body. You can run, can do yoga(here is the step by step yoga guide for everyone),do little warm up… Means do what make your morning best to make your entire day excellent.

2.You must eat snowcone.

Wow,that’s lot of memories. Walking,running or playing with the new freind is very usual in summer season. Then We felt tired,rushed to parents and used to ask parents….”want to have one snowcone” .We grown up now but Those golden memories are still alive because of those silly childhood behaviour ,sometimes we actually pretend us to feel tired infront of parents so that they buy one snowcone for us. Having a snowcone is soo much relaxing,you must try one to remember your childhood fun or you can simply make it memorable holding in your hand and take selfie.It’s Snowcone time my friend.

3.Fly a kite one of the best fun.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinhfrom Pexels

You need air to fly a kite and this is the best season of availability of that air.It doesn’t matter where you are in,it can be playground,valley ,beaches or the roof of your house… only need the best air.Only you need to set mind to fly high your kite.In summer you can find out lot of clubs arrenge fly high competition or you can play together with your freinds.You know this is kind best game to increase your patience,it’s actually let you learn ,” No matter how much time you have fall on the ground ,you have to fly high against the air”.Guider’s recommendation from

4.Spend day at the beach.

Photo by from Pexels

Beach is a place where definitely you will find out that joy of changing your mood to extraordinary level of doing something like fun,swimming,playing beach side games,make amzing mud crafts,..or simply feel the sunshine deeply.Summer time is the best beach time.People like waves then they definitely dance bare foot.So,cute!!..isn’t it.Beach is not only perfect for couple ,it is perfect for anyone who wants to feel the limitless sea and it’s outstanding beauty.Spending a whole day in beach give you an outstanding experience.What to wear if you spend day in beach for men and women,check this out . Want to keep your every precious moment live for long time check these the best deal camera.

5.Blow Bubbles in the air

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

You know here is the trick ,when you are sad you should blow bubbles because it will bring you happiness,all your sadness will blow away and you will be back to your childhood.Let’s begin a competition with your friends..who can make the biggest bubble or who’s bubble last long or try not to touch by anyone. You have to have best bubble maker ….you surely can Blow your bubbles from here.Trust me ,you will never regret the time spent blowing bubbles.

6.Watch an outdoor movie

Photo from Airscreen Inflatable Movie Screen.

Life starts at the end of your comfort zone. So,let’s break it in different way.You can organize here outdoor cinema set with these things ,movie projector,parts & accessories.You can arrange this in garden,in terrace or place basically where atleast 20 people can entertain the movie .This is one of the best way to bring all family members or friends together under the sky .Isn’t it the best !!! Want to have a look ?Want to make this happen? Ok then click here ,how does this can gift you lot of sweet memories.

7. Running through sprinklers.

Dance, live free and run barefoot through the sprinklers.

Nell Regan

Sprinklers are best option for the kids to play through this, the best if it’s in motion. It’s better than any option to fun in your garden or backyard. Perfect for those who loves to play with water, perfect for make this summer much more exciting. Play in backyards with rhythm sprinklers. Try amazing water sprinklers…..Available here.

8.Go swimming

Photo by sergio souza from Pexels

Do you also think swimming is confusing sport?? Demetri Martin says that swimming is a confusing sport, because sometimes you do it for fun and other time you do it to not die. Yes, who does not agree this? It’s very important to know swimming. Basically for today’s world of global warming and huge environmental changes, I recommend that you should know swimming. It’s can help a lot not only you…. also for others too. If you don’t know then learn. So, this Summer could be the best option to learn swimming, join swimming class (swimming guide). Know how to enhance your energy level to the top when you are in water. Just wear your best swim suit or short( convenient to you), cap and swimming goggle then jump into the water. Wowwww.. It’s so amazing, isn’t it so clear water in the pool, so much shining… Can’t stop swimming. This is my best summer ever… You will say that, I bet you.Make your swimming experience more convenient and full of safety. Check out best swimming collection.

9.Go to theme park.

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

Life is like Rollercoaster, it’s might be scary but in the end, you would want to do it again. Yes, as I say.. There is always great success when you become fearless. Go and have fun. There are end numbers of resorts with great theme park in the world.

Popular theme parks in india are like Kidzania, Imagica, Water kingdom, Wet n joy, Esselworld, Snow kingdom, Magic mountain, Della adventure. To check this out for more details LINK HERE. Please don’t forget share your experience which one is your favorite theme park.

10.Reading books.

Photo by Juan Salamanca from Pexels

Summer is the best time for reading books anywhere because there is more light everywhere.“One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by”,Jeanette Wall,The Glass Castle. Best books for kid to spent thier summer like Pencil Control .Let them allow to fun with their intelligence.Books for people who want to spent thier time mostly by reading like me then I must suggest you to bye the collection of these Indian writers ,the legends and off course my favourite Chetan Bhagat,Durjay Dutt,Ravinder Singh ,Preeti Shenoy.The best way to thrill your mind is to read with these all time best collection of Sherlock Holmes,Dan Brown,Novoneel Chakraborty.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Are you a series lover ?then you can read and feel the outstanding excellency of the writer Mr,George R.R.Martin.The writer of The internationally best selling series of fantasy,the greatest fantasy epic of modern age The Game of Thrones.A Song of Ice and Fire.

Who knows this summer you can learn something new by reading books.When there is no one to spent time with someone,when there is lonelyness then the best companion is the book because it never change the conversation with you unless you want to change.And everytime the great books leave mark on memory.If this summer only for outdoor fun then you miss what you can do indoor,it’s reading books and lost in somewhere,you don’t want to come back .For me, Book talks more than anyone else, that’s why it’s my best friend.

11.Gardening in summer is not the optional.

Photo by Nixon Johnson from Pexels

Last but not the least gardening is the best option in my list. Let me tell you why??? Mango is the another name of summer.Who doesn’t prefer to have fresh raw mango pickle (Mango achaar,Mix mango chilli pickle)or Mango achar masala in summer.Everybody prefer this because this brings lot of fun when you taste that tangy spicy mango …if you’re Indian your taste buds will start dancing obviously.. ..Afternoon time, pick some fresh pickle from grandma’s jar and hide behind the tree or in terrace corner just to enjoy the raw mango pickle .Almost every Indian try it once in thier lifetime. But Unfortunately Todays busy life make us to forget those sweet memory behind day by day.Thank god that there is there to let us find out pickles nowadays.

It’s the season of cool watermelon….. That’s keep your body hydrated at any cost. In summer, Don’t stop to make your garden more fresh and attractive just because it is summers season.As because there various factors are also responsible for your garden.. like soil,fertilizer,water etc. Summer is best known for flowers like Marigold,Hibiscus(365 days available),Daisy,Dahlia,Jasmine and others. Good vegetables can grow fresh in summer are pumpkin, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, snake gourd, cucumber, watermelon and many others.

Photo by Bruno Scramgnon from Pexels

You must give these special attention this summer if you are in India.How it’s possible,the answer is here. As we discussed the most amazing things you might do this summer to make this more mesmerized,here are few important things you need to aware of this .No doubt,you can enjoy your summer but also more convinient way.So,read and understand the value of this,how much important for you to be aware of these things let us know @ comment section in this post.

Thank you for making this post more valuable by visiting us and recommending others.

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