Ask Questions to every successful people you meet.

Meeting successful person
Meet your rolemodel

It’s always cool to meet people who can do things that you have no capacity to do.

Kevin James

That makes huge sense. Meeting people stronger than you is the best opotunity.Never ever miss this oportunity.Meet them and ask them about thier success. You know, asking questions is kind of art. Delivering right answers of each question is called success. 

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

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The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Albert Einstein

Imagine you are walking with the most successful people like Jeff Bejos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett,. Do you have any idea what kind of questions you should ask to these revolutionary leaders? Because as W Edwards Deming said that If you don’t know how to ask right questions, you discover nothing.

The quality of your life is determined the quality of questions you asked.

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Power of asking

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Here I mentioned some of my favourite questions which I would prefer to ask .

When did you got to understand, you are successful?

This is the most powerful question to ask to get the right motivation behind their success. Most of the time their answer would be so inspirational that you will automatically boost your will power to next level.

What is your success theory?

Well.Let me say that everyone has their own strategy,own path.Not everyone follow the same thing,there are variations too.Answer of this question will definitely let you know different success paths from different successful people.

What advise will you give to the next generation?

This will enough to energies newcomers.If there is success i.e. there is inspiration and prpper idealogy. Successful people love to answer this question.They will always show you the right way of thinking for better future.So,try to learn from them.

What if you loose your dignity?

Ohhhhhh !!!!!!!! That’s really hard to take.Who wants??? Nobody.But successful people are very diplomatic thinkers. They will show you the best part of “never give up” mind set.They actually enjoy thier failure and turn that to massive success.

Who is your role model?

Now this is the most powerfull question to understand almost half of this person attitude.Role model is actually change anyone’s thinking process. It’s cool to learn those role model who inspire today’s success.


This is all about my thinking.You may want to ask something I have not mentioned.Please do share in comment box or mail me ( click on contact page).I would love to share your specific opinion.

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Become Inspiration to this world.


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