About vipguider

About vipguider



Working hard for something we don’t care about is callled Stress;

Working hard for something we love is called passion.

Hi !! My name is Hirak.Welcome to my blog vipguider.com where I write things close to my heart. Writing is my all time passion.The only thing I love to do in anytime is blogging. Thanks for being here!!

Who am I ?

Being Bengali from Kolkata ,I am obsess with writing,reading,trvelling,shopping. Ohh! I must tell you! I love to explore different cuisine too!!! Apart from that, Influencing people for better life is all about my mission. I wanted to share my passion for things that I love and respect,then I started my blog .This is always been exciting to me and I promise that everything on my blog is my personal opinion and always be honest.

Highly recommend to go through my disclaimer page and know more about the purpose behind my blog.

Thank you very much for your kind interest to explore more. I am always working on some great topics to post in my blog so that I can hep someone.Please don’t forget to subscribe my blog before you exit because there will be valuable suggestion available in my site for achive better life and better career.Not only that there will topic on travel guide,food guide,best hotel,best books,best product,great success stories,great things you must know,business experiment and so on uncounatble greatness. It will be way more informative and ready to access my post when you subscribe and stay close. Thanks for being with me !!

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