Fitness tips to get in shape everytime.

20 Fitness tips to get into shape. You wish you know before.




Honestly there is no short cut for fitness. It’s not a ” Everything you want in Gold” story. There is no magic tricks which can help you to get in shape or stay in shape for lifetime. It requires time and complete dedication to get in shape. But don’t worry because after following these fitness tips daily you could cutoff your valuable time and as well as stay in shape always.


Stay in fit. 20 Hacking fitness tips for everytime.
Lovely fit couple.

1. Set your daily goals to stay fit.

Write down or memorize your goals to stay fit everytime. Set your time and prepare workout plan and follow it daily basis. Remember it’s time taking process which requires consistency. So, don’t skip any single day unless you totally sick.

2. Regularly visualize your fitness.

Imagine your stunning figure. You must see your fit version there. Look yourself in front of mirror and think about your fitness. For instance, you will decide to build a great body. It’s the beginning. Isn’t it great for you!

3. Take action for better health.

Take action and ask yourself what is it that I’m not currently doing,  what’re the some easy changes I can make right now that I’m not marking. Something as simple as writing down on paper or discuss your issue with your parents or simply walk to the nearby shop and not booking cab for this.

Sometimes our mind want to take the path of least resistance. It means our mind wants to take rest but you have to always say do it now, get it done, make it happen. Start to abide by that understanding start taking action at higher levels.

4. Make it habit.

They said habits can make you or break you. This is so true. Good habits like taking care of your health, not consuming junk foods or going to gym or health club daily would surely help to stay fit. It’s true that good habits are mandatory for better fitness.

5. Join Gym or do it in your home.

Joining gym is the great start however you can do it in your home as well. I’m talking about doing exercise to stay fit. You could start in any suitable place such as gym, house, backyard or balcony. Most importantly place doesn’t matter first. What matter is your willingness to stay fit.

6. Meet your fitness freind. 

What if ! you find out freind who encourage you to stay fit. I believe “Together we better”. Take idea, discuss your problem & solve it out with your friend’s assistance. Make him your role model, keep focus own building better health as long as you get great support from him.

7. Sign up for many events.

Sign up as many events you can. The results always be fantastic because of full training and then practice. you can join fitness events organize globally through  tradefairdates. Here is what Indians doing ⇒check out upcoming sports & fitness events through townscript. Participation necessary here.

8. Avoid shortcuts to stay fit

There are no shortcuts to stay fit, especially fitness is not easy way out process. It requires  time & passion, so try to avoid shortcuts because it’s worthless.

For example, Use stairs instead elevator or escalator, ride cycle etc.

Fitness 2020
Require practice for this.

9. Yoga is the best way.

Staying fit isn’t only physical thing but it’s also about mentally wellbeing too. Yoga is incorporation of meditation & breathing can help to improve person’s mental fitness.  Regular practice of yoga can help your mind to create calmness and clarity, relaxes your mind and sharpen your concentration. To learn all about yoga please visit yogajournal.

10. Stop comparing yourself to others 

As long as we are looking at others and clearly we comparing us to their lives, we actually focus outside of our business wherein our full concentration should be in our own work to get done. My suggestion is stop comparing yourself with others. Compare with who you were and who you want to be. Stay fit proudly.

11. Don’t do it if you hate it. 

If your fitness plan can’t work for you, not making you happy then stop doing it now. Moreover there are millions of ways to live life happily and stay fit. Then why don’t you find out those ways can make you happy. Ultimately, it’s your life.

12. Do it yourself in spite of keeping people for doing it.

Simply do what is easy. Some work you must do by yourself for better fitness. I mean washing your car and clothes, cooking dinner, housekeeping. These all works require same amount of calories which you usually burn out in gym for 20 minutes. Then why don’t you do it by yourself in spite of hiring people to do that for you. However, choice is yours.

Warm up your muscle. Give a good start to your exercise.
Stretch your muscle.

13. Always warm up before work out. 

They said muscle is like car. If you want it to run well early in the morning, you’ve to warm it up. So, before you start doing exercise, it’s mandatory to warm up your body. So, that all muscle can be stretch properly. It helps to increase your heart rate and blood circulation and also prepares you mentally for your daily workout. Then, why don’t you do it?

14. Goal has to be specific instead of too many at once.

It’s not generally going to happen with you unless it’s specific. Don’t try to over promise. Most people put too many goals in their big resolution list like get into shape, weight loss, stop bad habits etc. In reality, it’s too hard to reach that goal. So, try to be specific at once.

For example instead of working out for 2-3 hours everyday, you can easily do there day 30 mins workout per week. Make your resolution plan easy to stick to so that you can achieve and maybe exceed it.

15. Don’t give up as because you’re not seeing any result. 

Don’t give up when you can’t see the results right away. Some things take time, just be patient with yourself. As I told you, it’s not a fairly tale magic story. So, don’t give up so easily. You must keep focus on your specific goal. Good thing takes time.

You can stay fit when you get enough sleep.
Turn on sleep mode.

16. Get enough sleep to stay fit.

To be very honest, you can’t have healthy food or stay motivated if you’re really tired. Getting enough sleep is the reason behind all my good decision. I prefer, 6- 7 hours of deep sleep. In fact there is a simplest way to get enough sleep is to set alarm on your phone for new bedtime routine. Let’s say you’re going to bed 10 p.m., so set alarm atleast before 45 min (9:15 p. m.). It’ll remind you to stop using your social media, wash your face, drink water and simply put your phone in DND mode. Now, you must go to bed for better sleep.

17. Drink plenty of water.

We all know that drinking water is really important. What we don’t know is how important is being properly hydrated. Drinking water before your meal work as an effective appetite suppressant so you fill fuller and eat less with zero calorie. It helps to detoxfy your body, improve brain health. It helps to prevent muscle cramping and lubricate the joints in your body. So, isn’t it great to drink atleast plenty of water daily?

Perfect Fitness or stay fit. Both are just dream without fresh food.
There is nothing gorgeous like fresh food in farmers market.


18. Eat seasonal foods and add protein in your diet.

Seasonal foods help you to restore your energy and boost your immune system. Green leafy vegetables help you to restore the deficiency of your dietary fibre. Proteins (animal and plant i.e. egg, meat, fish, lentil, cottage cheese etc) build good muscle tone and boost metabolism to get into shape. Personally I always prefer to buy fresh and best quality food from the market.

19. Record what you eat in your food diary.

I will highly recommend you to keep a food diary always with you. Write down your food and beverage consumption there and count on weekly basis. Surprisingly, you’ll get to know how much extra meal you’ve taken. It’ll definitely help you to keep track on your diet list. We’ll not simply eat again just because you’re hungry or there is food in front of you. So ! Are you going to keep a food diary or not? Let me know in comment.

20. Above all of this — to shine up your fitness you need to smile. 

Why not? After you applied all of these and you don’t smile at the end which means nonsense. You might not know, when you smile, you just lighten up the moment, people stops and starring at you. Honestly, it’s not filmy all the time. A genuine smile is enough to reflect your fitness and it shows who you truly are. So, don’t forget to smile even if you have thousands of problems.

Stay fit and smile always.
Your smile, your beauty.


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