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15 reasons, you aren’t paid enough.

I went from being an underpaid ad-man to quite a successful photographer in very short time. Success breeds confidence & as soon as I got properly confident, I developed my own style. After that I never looked back.

……. Derek Ridgers

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Reasons behind why you underpaid even you think you are the best.

  • You are working for wrong company.
  • They don’t perceive value
  • You don’t need new position
  • You never add value to the company you work with.
  • You never ever create value for yourself
  • You always think that Training is not necessary
  • You always stop learning.
  • You never raise your demand
  • You don’t seek advancement
  • The position does not suit you
  • You are not working enough
  • You don’t have high paid skills
  • Change your schedule/workload
  • You are not developing your thinking power or creativity
  • Never think about new opportunities
  • You’re not prepared for any challenges.

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